America’s Ground Game

By Staff / Jan 30, 2017

The election of President Trump, and a Republican led Congress, represents a historic opportunity for America to once again show the world that government of the people, by the people, and for the people is a model that expands liberty, opportunity, and security. If we are to fully realize the potential of this unique moment in history, we the people will need to engage with our government at every level.

It is not consistent with our founding to elect representatives and then ignore them, but rather ours is a participatory republic. It is imperative that Constitutional conservatives form an alliance that rises above the differences that often lead to division.  If we are to succeed, we must work together. Now is the time to coalesce, seize the momentum, and embrace our role in the continuing American experiment.  Together, we can become America’s ground game.

American voters shocked the world last November, and the message they sent to Washington was loud and clear: It is time for a new direction!

President Trump has taken swift action to fulfill his campaign promises.  He appointed a cabinet that Sen. Ted Cruz has referred to as “a team of all-stars.”  That is exactly the sort of change that Washington historically works to resist.

As the political class begins to regroup and look for ways to return to business as usual, the need for civic engagement on the part of every American only increases.  If we want to see the promised changes that drew people to the polls become a reality, we must work together and hold our elected representatives accountable.  Specifically, we must call on the Senate to confirm the President’s appointments.

Many people and organizations rose above their differences to elect the President and a Congress that he could work with.  It will take a sustained collaboration, based on a similar long-term fidelity to lofty goals, to fully realize the potential that the American people now possess.

The next weeks and months will undoubtedly impact the success we might enjoy over the following four years, but if we work together and refuse to allow divisions to arise, the work we do now might well shape our nation for decades to come.  Together, in this environment, the various components of the conservative movement can move an agenda. Together, we are America’s ground game.