Conservative Action Network Launches Ad Campaign Supporting Gorsuch Confirmation

By Staff / Mar 24, 2017

New group urges red state Democrat Senators to vote for Gorsuch

AUSTIN, TX – Today the Conservative Action Network will launch a national ad campaign designed to encourage Democrat Senators to vote in favor of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

In addition to ads scheduled for both CNN and FOX News, the Conservative Action Network has prepared targeted ads that will air in Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and North Dakota. Voters in those states supported President Trump last November but are represented by Democrat Senators who may be tempted to obstruct Gorsuch’s confirmation for purely partisan reasons.

According to Bryan English, spokesman for the organization, “Each of these Senators was elected after Judge Gorsuch was unanimously confirmed to the 10th Circuit by a bipartisan voice vote in 2006. We intend to remind them that they have a job to do, they should set partisanship aside, and they should vote for Judge Gorsuch.”

The ads, which begin airing this evening, are scheduled to run through the end of the first week in April. The Conservative Action Network plans to spend nearly $500,000 on this ad campaign. The ads may be viewed below.

As a part of its core mission, the Conservative Action Network, a 501(c)4 advocacy organization, will fight for just causes, advocate for the cause of liberty, assert the centrality of the Constitution to our national health, and elevate American exceptionalism in an optimistic, forward-looking fashion.

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