Time to Fight “Tooth and Nail”

By Staff / Jan 30, 2017

With the President’s Supreme Court nominee revealed, attention now turns to the confirmation process and the anticipated obstruction from Senate Democrats. In fact, just days after the election, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer promised that should he deem Trump’s nominee to be outside his idea of the “mainstream,” he would “fight that nominee tooth and nail.”

For many American voters, the Supreme Court vacancy was a critical issue in 2016. Had Hillary Clinton won, Democrats most certainly would have claimed the victory represented a mandate to overcome Republican opposition to replacing Justice Scalia with a liberal. Instead, the people opted to trust Trump to shape the court through this crucial nomination.

So many people, from nearly every corner of the country, came together last fall to elect Donald Trump.  Emerging from a long and hard fought Republican Primary, the Supreme Court Vacancy was a rallying cry that effectively served to heal many wounds, and eventually helped build a winning coalition.

It was the President’s commitment to selecting from a very specific list of potential nominees that built a bridge between nominee Trump and his fiercest competitor, Sen. Ted Cruz, ultimately leading to Cruz campaigning on behalf of the President in the lead-up to Election Day.

Now, as the long months of hard work that led to a Republican President submitting a nominee for the Supreme Court to a Republican led Senate come to fruition, the work of the grassroots is far from over.  It is time to make sure the Members of the Senate understand we the people have spoken, and we expect them to confirm the President’s nominee.

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